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Welcome to ComplyKEY SISCIN File Archiving and eDiscovery, your all-in-one solution for simplified data management reporting, efficient file archiving, and seamless eDiscovery processes. We understand the importance of effective file archiving and the challenges of navigating eDiscovery when legal matters arise. Confidently manage your files, streamline archiving, and effortlessly handle eDiscovery requirements with ComplyKEY.

Key Features & Benefits:

Efficient File Archiving

ComplyKEY SISCIN simplifies file archiving with its user-friendly platform. Store and organize your files securely, ensuring easy accessibility whenever needed.

Automated Compliance

Take the stress out of compliance. ComplyKEY SISCIN automates data management tasks, keeping your files in line with industry regulations and minimizing manual efforts.

Effective eDiscovery

When facing legal requests, ComplyKEY SISCIN eDiscovery features enable you to swiftly locate relevant files, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective eDiscovery process.

Secure Data Handling

Data security is paramount. ComplyKEY SISCIN prioritizes the protection of your files, implementing robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

Customized File Management

Tailor ComplyKEY SISCIN to match your business requirements. Customize file archiving and eDiscovery policies to align perfectly with your organization's workflows.


ComplyKEY SISCIN offered hundreds of drill-down reports to help you better understand how your file data is being managed.

Streamlined File Archiving

ComplyKEY SISCIN's intuitive interface simplifies file archiving, reducing clutter and improving organization for seamless data management.

Effortless eDiscovery

When legal matters arise, ComplyKEY SISCIN empowers you to quickly find the necessary files, saving time and resources in the eDiscovery process.

Automated Compliance Adherence

ComplyKEY SISCIN automates compliance tasks, ensuring your files meet regulatory guidelines without the need for manual oversight.

Enhanced Data Security

Your files are in safe hands with ComplyKEY SISCIN advanced security measures, providing peace of mind and protecting sensitive information.

Flexible Solutions

Customize ComplyKEY SISCIN to suit your specific file management needs, adapting policies to fit your organization's unique processes.

ComplyKEY SISCIN File Archiving and eDiscovery is a comprehensive solution that simplifies data management. From efficient file archiving to seamless eDiscovery, SISCIN ensures your files are secure, organized, and compliant with regulatory requirements. processes. Let ComplyKEY be your trusted partner in file archiving and eDiscovery, freeing you to focus on what truly matters.

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