ComplyKEY was created with over two decades of dedication, commitment, and innovation in data management and compliance. Our journey began in 2000 as Waterford Technologies. We have enjoyed long-lasting relationships with our clients, supporting them on their data management journeys. Our re-branding to ComplyKEY reflects a forward-thinking brand that will benefit from our Waterford Technologies heritage.

Our Evolution: A New Era of Compliance

ComplyKEY represents a transformative shift in the world of digital compliance and data management. Our initial focus on data management for email and files has developed into ComplyKEY, a complete digital compliance suite that goes beyond traditional data management limitations. This change reflects our deep understanding of the evolving landscape, permitting organizations to manage their data effectively and effortlessly to achieve regulatory compliance.

Our Heritage: A Foundation of Trust

Waterford Technologies laid the foundation of our journey.  Beginning in 2023 we proudly build on the legacy of trust and excellence built over the years. For more than 20 years, we have partnered with organizations of all sizes, offering enterprise-level data compliance and management solutions with a personalized, dedicated, and cost-effective approach. Our journey began with a simple vision: recognizing that valuable business information resides not just within the content of emails but also within the context of how they traverse an organization.

Overview of ComplyKEY: Simplifying Data Compliance

ComplyKEY: A Complete Compliance Platform

ComplyKEY, is a complete compliance platform designed to digitalize compliance and data management effortlessly. We offer an array of powerful modules and services that enable organizations to easily manage the complex landscape of data compliance.

Seamless eDiscovery:

Effortlessly search, discover, and manage data across your organization.

Consultancy services:

Expert guidance and support to navigate complex compliance requirements.

Efficient data retention:

Implement intelligent retention policies to ensure data compliance effortlessly.

Redaction and retention capabilities:

Protect sensitive information with precision and ease.

Training Programs:

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in data compliance.

Comprehensive data compliance modules

Tailored solutions for GDPR, ROPA, DPIA, and more.

Our Vision: Keeping Compliance Simple

Our motto is ‘keep it simple. Navigating compliance can be daunting, our solutions are designed to simplify the process. We work closely with you, to ensure our solutions are deployed seamlessly, providing unwavering support when you need it.

With user-friendliness at the forefront, ComplyKEY creates confidence in our client’s ability to manage data and requests effectively. When assistance is needed our support team is on hand to help. At ComplyKEY, we believe that compliance should be straightforward and accessible.

Discover the power of ComplyKEY and experience complete data compliance and management

ComplyKEY, where compliance is made simple.

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