ComplyKEY Modern Slavery Statement 

Last Updated Date: 08 May 2024

Our Business

ComplyKEY is dedicated to revolutionizing compliance and data management. Our cloud-based platforms empower organizations to streamline their compliance and data management processes, ensuring regulatory adherence and ethical standards across the board. With a global presence, we’re committed to driving positive change in the industry and beyond.

Policy Statement

Modern slavery, encompassing servitude, forced labor, and human trafficking, is unequivocally condemned by ComplyKEY. We pledge to uphold the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business and to implement robust systems to eradicate modern slavery from our operations and supply chains, in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our Commitment

ComplyKEY is unwavering in its dedication to transparency and accountability. We hold ourselves and our partners to the same stringent standards, expecting zero tolerance for modern slavery. Through meticulous vetting processes and ongoing monitoring, we strive to minimize the risk of exploitation within our supply chains.

Mitigating Risk

Supplier risk assessment is integral to our operations. We actively engage with suppliers to assess their stance on modern slavery and ensure alignment with our values. By embedding zero-tolerance policies into contractual agreements and promoting awareness throughout our organization, we mitigate the risk of modern slavery in our business and beyond.

Lorcan Kennedy

Chief Technology Officer


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