Managing complaints effectively is a challenging yet integral part of maintaining customer satisfaction and organizational integrity. While most complaints are legitimate, some can be vexatious or repetitive and come from Persistent Complainants, consuming valuable time and resources. ComplyKEY Control Persistent Complainants Register is a powerful tool designed to help highlight these persistent and vexatious complainants and ensure the response is in a fair and measured fashion that has been agreed upon and documented by your organisation.

Why Choose Persistent Complainants Register?

Efficiency and Security

The Persistent Complainants Register is intentionally isolated in a secure folder with controlled access. Only authorized users can access this folder, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. ComplyKEY Control Vexatious Register can be customized to align with your specific organizational needs, making it a versatile solution for any industry.

Transparent Onboarding and Review Process

One of the key advantages of the Persistent Complainants Register is its ability to simplify the onboarding, appeal, and review process for each new Case/Candidate. It automatically prompts for timed reviews, preventing entries from lingering indefinitely.

Integration Capabilities

The Persistent Complainants Register can be integrated with ComplyKEY Complaints and Request Management Modules. This integration can help identify complainants who are already listed in the register when they submit new complaints and shows the agreed treatment plan or designated SPOC ‘Single point of contact’ This provides valuable context for your team, allowing them to tailor their responses accordingly.

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