Dell EMC SourceOne is approaching End of Life, but don’t worry, ComplyKEY MailMeter, an award-winning solution, is the perfect replacement.  At a quick glance this comparison chart shows you how MailMeter’s features compare to SourceOne’s.  Prefer to see how the migration process works?  This use case study makes it simply to understand.

Transvault our Migration Partner

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Transvault have completed over 3000 migration projects. SourceOne was the source archive for 170 of these projects.

Best for SourceOne

Transvault has the most proven connector for SourceOne. Dell EMC had an OEM agreement for EmailXtender to SourceOne migrations. Transvault believe they are the only vendor to support migrations from SourceOne for Notes.


Supports migrations from 23 email archive sources to MailMeter.


Every migration throws up unique challenges. Transvault support team has the experience and expertise to meet any challenge.

Why Choose Dell EMC SourceOne Alternative

Effortless Data Migration

Move your data from Dell EMC SourceOne to the cloud or stay on-premises with ease. Our smooth migration process, saves you valuable time and costs. You can opt to migrate the data yourself.

Deployment Flexibility

Choose between an on-premises or cloud-based solution (Exchange, O365, Gmail) to suit your organization's needs.

License Compatibility

Utilize any O365 license that best fits your users' requirements. We offer flexibility.

Archive Reduction

Reduce your archive by over 50%, eliminating unnecessary data and streamlining your storage requirements.

Search Efficiency

A whopping 70% reduction in search times. End-users can find information themselves – no need to call the IT team to find emails!

Fully Managed Service

As a fully managed service, we are available to support you from archive migration to installation, configuration, data strategy review, training, support, and eDiscovery assistance.

Regulatory Compliance

Rapid search and retrieval ensure you can respond promptly to queries and requests, whether it's DSAR, FOI, HR, Revenue, Regulatory, Compliance, or reputational matters. ComplyKEY MailMeter makes GDPR compliance, retention, search, and export a breeze. INTERESTING FACT – We have an impressive selection of Regulatory Compliance Software. Check it out here .

Enhanced Features

MailMeter provides a single sign-in interface. Because it resembles Outlook user will be comfortable using it. It offers comprehensive search capabilities, real-time actions, tags, exports, reviews, and rapid search speeds to empower end-users.

Dedicated Support

Our support team are direct employees ensuring you speak directly to technicians with great product knowledge.

Latest Technology

MailMeter continuously evolves to support multiple email platforms, ensuring improved performance, compliance, security, and flexibility. Automatic updates provide peace of mind.


Over 90% of MailMeter’s clients experience cost reductions within 11 months of switching. By streamlining archives, implementing compliance filtering, and eliminating legacy systems, you can achieve substantial cost savings.

Your transition from Dell EMC SourceOne to a cutting-edge email archiving system doesn’t have to be painful or costly. Contact MailMeter today to explore your options and ensure a smooth transition without compromising functionality or your budget. Make the switch and embrace the future of email archiving with confidence.

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