ComplyKey Control provides reporting, scheduling, and E-mail integration, plus login and access management for all integrated products. It also contains the toolkit for Forms and workflow development, and rapid customization that makes the product set so unique in the hands of the Waterford Consultants. 

Complaints and Compliments

Manages complaints from within and outside your organization

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Data Request Management

Simplify and streamline the handling of AIE, EIR DSAR,FOI, FOIA, HIPPA & more

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Enquiries Management

Streamline enquiry management from inside and outside your organization

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Incident & Data Breach Management

Handle incidents and data breaches with speed and security

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Records of Processing Activities

Simplify compliance with transparent data processing

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Risk Management

Risk Management Module MSaaS for efficiently mitigating data privacy risks

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Persistent Complainants Register

A powerful tool designed to help highlight persistent and vexatious complainants

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Policy and Control Register

Efficiently Organize and Manage Policies for Enhanced Compliance

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Data Protection Impact Assessment

Efficiently Assess Data Privacy Risks with Confidence

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Safeguarding Management Module

Efficiently Manage Safeguarding Efforts for Enhanced Safety and Protection

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