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BAM Ireland is the holding company for all BAM’s operating companies in Ireland. One of the largest multinational construction businesses

Established in 1958, BAM Ireland is the largest multinational construction business operating nationally with expertise and experience in the delivery of many of Ireland’s flagship infrastructural and building projects.

Challenge Faced: An encrypted email data archive that is fully searchable

BAM required an archiving solution that enabled their organization to store sensitive information that may be critical to business use and sometimes litigation, in a tamper-proof state for the desired duration.


  • An archiving solution to store sensitive information

  • Keeping a definitive unalterable record of data

  • Ability to easily search emails and attachments from a single repository.
  •  Reduce expensive storage costs and backup time.

Product - ComplyKEY MailMeter

ComplyKEY MailMeter is used by BAM to address areas of:

Record changes to specifications including project project progress.

Email Retention

Email compliance

While there are obvious and immediate benefits to archiving email for the IT network capacity, the indexing is a key tool for the BAM


It may be hard to quantify the direct cost savings to a firm such as BAM, which handles six million emails a year and has archived in excess of 47 million with MailMeter.

ComplyKEY MailMeter’s email management functionality allows Belfast Trust to perform in-depth searching and analysis of all past and present email activity regardless of whether users have deleted emails from their mailbox. This ensures full and easy compliance with Freedom of Information, GDPR and other data regulations.

Data Security

Only those with administrative rights can manipulate the data for GDPR motives such as tag, delete, apply retention policies, legal hold, or access block capabilities to relevant data.


For BAM the ComplyKEY Benefits are many including:

Network Infrastructure freed up across the organization

Sorting the data provides robust audit trails

Opened up new areas of business intelligence and analytics


Meets compliance requirements for GDPR  and FOI requests

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