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Belfast HSC Trust

Public Sector Health – One of the largest Trusts in the UK delivering integrated health and social care to 340,000 people.

22,000+ employees

22,000 mailboxes

Belfast Trust came into existence in April 2007. They are responsible for the services formerly delivered by six separate Trusts (which merged in March 2007). One of the major challenges was that separate Trusts were running different email systems with varied policies. This resulted in increasing storage cost and revamping of data governance policies. As a public sector body.  The key requirements were to retain all data in a tamper-proof archive and adhere to essential compliance regulations

Challenge Faced: Safeguarding Sensitive Healthcare Data

Belfast Trust encountered the formidable challenge of securing vast volumes of sensitive patient data. Complying with rigorous data protection regulations while preserving patient privacy required a sophisticated and efficient solution. Purchasing ComplyKEY MailMeter was a strategic choice that has elevated the Trust’s data protection.


  • An easy-to-deploy solution to satisfy requests from data subjects for all departments
  • Ability to prove GDPR (GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION) compliance and avoid penalties for non-compliance
  • Ability to easily search through Belfast Trust emails and attachments from a single repository
  • Reduce expensive storage costs and backup time

Product - ComplyKEY MailMeter

ComplyKEY MailMeter is used by Belfast Trust to address areas of:

Information Governance
Email monitoring
Email Retention
Email compliance

The non-invasive email monitoring functionality allows the HR department to address issues such as early risk detection, corporate privacy, and non-compliance with the Trust’s compliance and email policies.



ComplyKEY MailMeter’s email management functionality allows Belfast Trust to perform in-depth searching and analysis of all past and present email activity regardless of whether users have deleted emails from their mailbox. This ensures full and easy compliance with Freedom of Information, GDPR, and other data regulations. Belfast Trust can now cater to compliance requests with ease. They have increased efficiency by automating data management and diluting the risk.

After a single round of stubbing 6TB of old email data was cut by nearly 50 percent. Resulting in the reclamation of expensive storage and keeping the MailMeter archive on cheaper storage.

The Information Governance team at Belfast Trust receives numerous data requests every month. The team can now respond to DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests) promptly without IT assistance. MailMeter search capabilities enable the team to satisfy such requests quickly and accurately.

The team can search for all personal data, with easy export for effective compliance. They are saving a great deal of time and money on this process it has also freed up the IT team by having a search feature that is simple to use for all departments with the required permissions.

Before the deployment of the solution, it was taking 16+ hours to run full backups. This extended into core office working hours and impacted users’ connectivity.

After the first round of stubbing the backup window was reduced by 10 hours and currently takes 6 hours to complete, falling within the Trust’s backup window of 12 hours maximum.

‘One of the key reasons for choosing Waterford Technologies solution was its simple and appealing architecture, which makes it easy to deploy and maintain. It’s very important for us that the solution doesn’t require any specialist administration skills and therefore isn’t costly to operate on an ongoing basis” – Ken Leung.

Helpdesk calls have been reduced as users can now search and retrieve old or lost emails from their own desktop.

The integration of MailMeter heralded a transformative era in data protection for Belfast Trust:

ComplyKEY MailMeter seamlessly captures and archives all incoming and outgoing electronic communications. This included emails, attachments, and files, ensuring a comprehensive record of data interactions for compliance purposes.

ComplyKEY MailMeter provides insights into data access and utilization. This level of granularity empowers Belfast Trust to pinpoint potential data breaches or unauthorized data access, enabling prompt corrective action.

Advanced Search and Retrieval: MailMeter’s intuitive interface facilitated rapid data retrieval, streamlining audits and investigations. This agility proved invaluable in maintaining compliance and responding to data access requests.

The incorporation of MailMeter yielded impactful results for Belfast HSC Trust including:

The Trust’s adherence to data protection regulations was bolstered by MailMeter’s comprehensive data tracking. Audits and assessments highlighted a transparent record of compliance, enhancing the institution’s credibility.

The robust data protection framework established with MailMeter fostered patient trust. The knowledge that their sensitive information was diligently safeguarded contributed to a positive perception of the institution.


The MailMeter-powered journey of Belfast HSC Trust illustrates the importance of technology-driven data protection strategies. By seamlessly integrating MailMeter, Belfast Trust elevated its security mechanisms. For data protection officers seeking to enhance their organization’s data security landscape, this study stands as an invaluable resource. It illuminates how a strategic choice like ComplyKEY MailMeter can revolutionize data protection, making compliance more robust and patient confidentiality more secure than ever before.

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