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Saskatoon Public Schools or Saskatoon S.D. No. 13 is the largest school division in Saskatchewan serving approximately 24,000 students.

They operates 49 elementary schools, 10 secondary schools and 3 associate or affiliate schools in Saskatoon and the surrounding area.

Platforms used by Saskatoon:

ComplyKEY Control – Data Request Management

ComplyKEY Content – MailMeter Cloud

Challenge Faced: Workflow Management, Efficiency, and Increase in Complexity & Frequency of Records Requests

ComplyKEY supplied a centralized platform for intake, automation, workflow, and long-term storage of records, simplifying the process. Specific impacts included the use of email templates, a user-friendly dashboard for monitoring requests, full audit trails and robust reporting features.

Benefits & Improvements

  • Reduction in time and energy spent managing requests
  • Optimization of the request process through a streamlined intake form
  • Improved project management with a logical workflow
  • Enhanced staff productivity, allowing more time for searches

Implementation and Decision-Making Process

Saskatoon Public Schools managed Public Records Requests through a manual process using a SharePoint page with custom permissions. The workflow was email-based, and the privacy officer acted as the project manager for each request.


The decision to implement ComplyKEY stemmed from the need to streamline the process, serve as the official record repository, and enhance efficiency. The platform’s flexibility and understanding of the unique workflow in a public sector K12 institution played a pivotal role in the decision-making process.

The Relationship between Saskatoon and ComplyKEY has been characterized by

  • Responsiveness and quick implementation of requested changes
  • Smooth onboarding process
  • Timely and effective support
  • Seamless communication and regular check-ins
  • Proactive identification and resolution of issues, such as missing information in requests sent via phone


Based on their experience, Saskatoon School District would highly recommend ComplyKEY to peers in the industry. The platform’s flexibility and the one-stop-shop solution for records requests were highlighted as significant advantages.

‘ComplyKEY has significantly improved the public records request process displaying its adaptability and efficiency in a public-school education setting’

Jennifer Haywood -Superintendent of Education

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