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Public Sector – Local Government 


Tulare County has a growing population of 479,112 and includes an area of 4,863 square miles. Mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada range rise to more than 14,000 feet in its Eastern half, which is comprised primarily of public lands within the Sequoia National Park, National Forest, and the Mineral King, Golden Trout, and Domeland Wilderness areas. 

Platforms used by Tulare County:

ComplyKEY Content – MailMeter Cloud

Challenge Faced: Navigating Cloud-Based Email System Challenges with ComplyKEY Integration

The transition to a cloud-based email system posed significant challenges, necessitating a cloud-compatible email archive solution. ComplyKEY addressed this by seamlessly integrating with Exchange Online, capturing every email through an Exchange Online connector and automatically labeling them based on sender and recipient addresses. This labelling allows the set-up of scoped searches and retention policies based on dynamic address lists tied to the users department in Active Directory (AD)

Notably, the system streamlined the public records request process, delivering faster search results and facilitating PST file creation for legal purposes. Despite encountering unexpected hurdles during implementation, such as data migration complexities, ComplyKEY efficiently resolved issues through collaborative efforts between project managers and technical support.

Benefits & Improvements

ComplyKEY revolutionized Tulare County’s operations, allowing them to tailor solutions to individual departmental needs and execute highly intricate queries effortlessly. Noteworthy features include:

  • Proximity search and intuitive query presentation.
  • Enhanced end-user and administrative experience.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems.
  • MailMeter’s configuration process aligned well with their established workflows.
  • The increased frequency of exports (to PST or PDF) indicates improved efficiency.

Implementation and Decision-Making Process

Before integrating ComplyKEY into their workflow, Tulare County faced challenges managing their email archiving process. They transitioned from GWAVA Retain to Proofpoint Enterprise Archive with the shift from GroupWise to Exchange Online.

However, these solutions didn’t fully meet their evolving needs. Upon exploring alternatives, they crafted a comprehensive list of requirements, with MailMeter emerging as the sole vendor capable of meeting all criteria. The decision was influenced by ComplyKEY’s technical expertise and adaptability to Tulare County’s complex needs.


Archiving and Reducing Data Storage

Meets Governance Obligations

Fast, Complete Responses to Data Requests

Reducing the size of the email store resulted in immediate cost savings and significantly improved performance. This reduction not only decreased the amount of storage space required, leading to lower storage costs, but also streamlined the overall system operations. With a smaller email store, data retrieval times were faster, contributing to enhanced efficiency and productivity for users.

ComplyKEY MailMeter’s email management functionality allows for in-depth searching and analysis of all past and present email activity regardless of whether users have deleted emails from their mailbox. This ensures full and easy compliance with FOIA and other regulations.

FOI requests are serviced instantly via a clientless eDiscovery browser. File data is analysed and reviewed so that internal delegates are informed about the make-up of their data and take the appropriate actions to reduce and archive data away from the expensive disk and into centrally managed slower disk for static or older data.

The Impact- A Strategic Paradigm Shift

Comprehensive Data Capture : 

ComplyKEY MailMeter seamlessly captures and archives all incoming and outgoing electronic communications. This included emails, attachments, and files, ensuring a comprehensive record of data interactions for compliance purposes.

Transparent Compliance : 

Only those with administrative rights can manipulate the data for FOIA motives such as tag, delete, apply retention policies, legal hold, or access block capabilities to relevant data.

Stakeholder Confidence : 

The robust data protection framework established with MailMeter fosters stakeholder  trust.  Sensitive information is safeguarded.

The Relationship between Tulare County and ComplyKEY has been characterized by

  • Network infrastructure  freed up across any organisation

  • Sorting the data provides robust audit trails

  • Open up new areas of business intelligence and analytics

  • Meets compliance requirements for FOIA requests


‘It has been a pleasure working with the ComplyKEY team’

David Gerisch, IT System Administrator, Tulare County

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