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Donegal County Council

Donegal County Council was looking for a solution to manage the growth of its email platform and a way to manage the Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.

Challenge Faced: Recover Storage Space & Manage FOI Requests

Donegal County Council was looking for a solution to manage the growth of their email platform as they migrated to newer versions of exchange.

They also wanted a system that could manage the Freedom of Information (FOI) requests that were increasingly being requested via the IT team.




  • Reduce email footprint

  • Service FOI requests

  • Reduce the cost and disruption to IT resources

  •  Reduce expensive storage costs and backup time.

Product - ComplyKEY MailMeter

ComplyKEY MailMeter is used by Donegal County Council for:

Information Governance

Reduce cost and disruption of IT resources

Email retention

Email compliance 

ComplyKEY gave Donegal County Council lightning-fast search and retrieval that is simple to use by all departments, thereby letting the IT team continue with their day to day task.


It may be hard to quantify the direct cost savings to a firm such as BAM, which handles six million emails a year and has archived in excess of 47 million with MailMeter.

ComplyKEY MailMeter’s email management functionality allows for in-depth searching and analysis of all past and present email activity regardless of whether users have deleted emails from their mailbox. This ensures full and easy compliance with Freedom of Information, GDPR and other data regulations.

FOI requests are serviced instantly via a clientless eDiscovery browser. File data

is analysed and reviewed so that internal IT people are informed about the make-up of their data and take the appropriate actions to reduce and archive data away from the expensive disk and into centrally managed slower disk for static or older data.


This process reduced the TCO of data management within the email and file systems.


For BAM the ComplyKEY Benefits are many including:

Network Infrastructure freed up across the organization

Sorting the data provides robust audit trails

Opened up new areas of business intelligence and analytics


Meets compliance requirements for GDPR  and FOI requests

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