Hyper-scalable, multilingual AI-based forensic data detection engine works at lightning speed, slashing manual intervention time

Introducing ComplyKEY Redaction powered by Smartbox.ai: The best Data Redaction Solution

ComplyKEY Redaction powered by Smartbox.ai revolutionizes your data protection efforts, streamlines compliance, and safeguards sensitive information with unrivaled efficiency.  Disclosure log safeguarded against sensitive information being shared.  Complete audit trail available.  Scroll down to learn more.  If you prefer to download the information, click here.

Why ComplyKEY Redaction powered by Smartbox.ai?

Redaction is Faster and Easier

Say goodbye to slow and tedious manual redaction. Our hyper-scalable, multilingual AI-based forensic data detection engine works at lightning speed, slashing manual intervention time. No more spending hours reading through documents looking for information, the software does it for you.

Redaction Precision Unmatched

ComplyKEY Redaction powered by Smartbox.ai is your precision tool for safeguarding sensitive data. Quickly finds the information to you need to redact including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), legal case details, and regulatory compliance data with unparalleled accuracy. Eliminate the possibility of the recipient being able to see ‘redacted’ text. The original on your system remains intact. No more struggling with inconsistent redaction across documents. With ComplyKEY Redaction powered by Smartbox.ai, uniform redaction rules are followed. This saves you time and preserves document integrity.

Fortified Data Security

Manual methods can't compete with the level of protection we offer. ComplyKEY Redaction powered by Smartbox.ai goes above and beyond to shield your documents from unauthorized access, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring data privacy compliance.

Accountability Assurance

Our robust audit trail features meticulously logs all redaction actions, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the redaction process.

Adaptable to Change

Data privacy standards are ever-evolving. ComplyKEY Redaction swiftly adapts to these changes, keeping your procedures aligned with the latest data protection standards.

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