Partner Spotlight: WPDM - Our Trusted Partner Empowering Seamless Archive Migrations

ComplyKEY is delighted to introduce our esteemed partner, WPDM, an industry leader with over twenty-five years of eMail expertise and nearly twenty years of eMail archiving experience. With a proven track record in Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and eDiscovery, WPDM brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to the forefront of the archiving arena. As a trusted partner, WPDM has recognized MailMeter as a pioneer in archiving and eDiscovery solutions, making them an invaluable asset in ensuring successful archive migrations.

Why WPDM and ComplyKEY Collaborate

The partnership between WPDM and ComplyKEY is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence, security, and seamless transitions. WPDM’s extensive experience, combined with ComplyKEY’s expertise in data compliance solutions, ensures that organizations embarking on archive migrations are in capable hands.

Key Benefits of the WPDM and ComplyKEY Partnership:

Proven Expertise:

WPDM's over twenty-five years of email experience and nearly twenty years of Email archiving experience, coupled with ComplyKEY's data compliance solutions, create a dynamic partnership that can address even the most complex archive migration challenges.

End-to-End Solutions:

From the discovery phase to the successful completion of migration projects, WPDM and ComplyKEY work collaboratively to ensure a seamless transition. Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of archive migration, data integrity, and evidential weight preservation.

Chain of Custody:

Archive migrations demand a robust Chain of Custody from source to target systems. WPDM and ComplyKEY's meticulous approach guarantees that the evidential weight of each message is preserved throughout the migration process.

WPDM Services
Archive Migrations: A Closer Look

Archive migrations are complex endeavours that require precision, legal compliance, and meticulous execution. WPDM’s expertise in archive migrations ensures that your existing archive platform can seamlessly transition to ComplyKEY, ensuring the continuity of your data compliance efforts.

How We Work Together:

  • Discovery Phase: Our partnership begins with a comprehensive assessment of your business requirements, archive statistics, messaging environment, and migration goals.
  • Tailored Proposal: We provide a fully costed proposal that outlines the scope, approach, and benefits of the archive migration project.
  • Health Check: A thorough health check is conducted on your existing archive system to assess its readiness for migration.
  • Design and Pilot: WPDM’s expertise comes to the forefront as we design the migration process and execute a pilot migration to the new archive solution.
  • Full Migration: With a proven plan in place, we execute a full migration, ensuring the seamless transfer of data while preserving evidential weight and compliance.

Experience the Power of Partnership

Our collaboration with WPDM signifies our dedication to delivering exceptional value, unmatched expertise, and a commitment to excellence. To learn more about how WPDM and ComplyKEY can assist your organization with archive migrations and data compliance, we invite you to visit WPDM’s Website and explore the possibilities.

Trust your archive migrations to a partnership that values integrity, security, and seamless transitions. Join us on a journey to elevate your data compliance efforts and ensure a robust archive migration experience. For inquiries and further information, please contact us at or visit ComplyKEY’s Partner Page. Together, let’s unlock the potential of seamless archive migrations and data compliance excellence.

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