ComplyKEY is set to become the front-runner in compliance software.

ComplyKEY is set to become the front-runner in compliance software.

Irish-based company Waterford Technologies has rebranded to ComplyKEY, a complete regulatory compliance MSaaS platform. The company CTO, Lorcan Kennedy believes that ComplyKEY’s differentiator lies in our ability to transform compliance data into actionable insights that drive strategic decisions and enhance operational efficiency.’

Mark Mulchay, Director of Revenue and Markets advised that the market has been looking for a managed compliance software service combined with consultancy and training,ComplyKEY is purpose-built, fully managed, compliance software specifically built for regulated businesses in sectors such as Government Bodies, Finance Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Housing. Basically, any industry that handles sensitive data, including health records or children’s information.  Our sales approach is consultative, and our onboarding consultants work with clients to tailor the software to specific needs.’ ComplyKEY extends to multi-site and multi-country operations, offering seamless compliance across the entire organization.

ComplyKEY was created with over two decades of dedication, commitment, and innovation in data management and compliance. The re-branding to ComplyKEY represents a transformative shift in the world of digital compliance and data management. Waterford Technologies’ initial focus on data management for email and files has developed into a complete digital compliance suite that goes beyond traditional data management limitations. This combined with numerous Expert Insights awards reflects the company’s deep understanding of its client’s need to achieve regulatory compliance effectively and effortlessly.

Since 2020 Waterford Technologies has partnered with organizations of all sizes, offering data compliance and management solutions with a personalized, dedicated, and cost-effective approach. The founders recognized that valuable business information resides not just within the content of emails but also within the context of how they traverse an organization. Clients include The Department of Defence, The Department of the Taoiseach, The Children’s Trust, County Councils, Borough Councils, BOCES, Tusla, BAM, Dole, and the Health Research Board.

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