Exploring ComplyKEY Compliance Software: A Deep Dive

Exploring ComplyKEY Compliance Software: A Deep Dive

Organizations worldwide are faced with an ever-increasing burden of compliance requirements. Staying on top of regulations helps avoid legal issues and maintain trust and integrity with customers and stakeholders. When the ICO recently called on public authorities to stop using spreadsheets in FOI responses organizations started to look for compliance software.

ComplyKEY compliance management software is a comprehensive solution for managing compliance. In this blog, we will provide an in-depth overview of ComplyKEY’s Compliance Modules and the benefits they offer.

ComplyKEY Control Compliance Software

ComplyKey Control compliance software provides reporting, scheduling, and E-mail integration, plus login and access management for all integrated products. It also contains the toolkit for Forms and workflow development, and rapid customization that makes the product unique.  It contains the following modules:

Complaints and Compliments

Manages complaints from within and outside your organization.  designed to streamline the process of handling complaints and enable organizations to meet regulatory requirements seamlessly.

Data Request Management

Simplifies and streamlines the handling of AIE, EIR DSAR, FOI, FOIA, HIPPA & more. As businesses grapple with increasing data privacy regulations, ensuring compliance while efficiently managing data requests has become increasingly difficult. ComplyKEY is designed to address these challenges and empower your organization to manage data requests effectively and securely.

Enquiries Management

Streamlines enquiry management from inside and outside your organization. Centralizes and perfects the entire process, making enquiries a seamless and secure experience.

Incident and Data Breach Management

Handles incidents and data breaches with speed and security. A reliable solution for handling incidents and data breaches with confidence.

Records of Processing Activities (RoPA)

Simplify compliance with transparent processing. Maintain detailed and accurate records of data processing activities. ComplyKEY RoPA Module is designed to help streamline and centralize Records of Processing, promoting compliance and building trust with stakeholders.

Risk Management

As data privacy concerns continue to grow, effectively managing risks is essential for safeguarding the organization and maintaining stakeholder trust. This module is designed to streamline the risk management process, allowing organizations to proactively address risks.

Persistent Complainants Register

Managing complaints effectively is a challenging yet integral part of maintaining customer satisfaction and organizational integrity. While most complaints are legitimate, some can be vexatious or repetitive and come from Persistent Complainants, consuming valuable time, and resources. ComplyKEY Control Persistent Complainants Register is a powerful tool designed to help highlight these persistent and vexatious complainants and ensure the response is in a fair and measured fashion that has been agreed upon and documented by the organization.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Module is a comprehensive solution for efficiently assessing data privacy risks and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. As data privacy becomes increasingly critical, conducting DPIAs is essential for identifying and mitigating potential risks to data subjects. Our advanced module is designed to streamline the DPIA process allowing organizations to make informed decisions and prioritize data privacy.

Safeguarding Management Module

ComplyKEY Safeguarding Management Module is a comprehensive solution for managing safeguarding efforts to ensure enhanced safety and protection within your organization. Safeguarding is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to vulnerable individuals and sensitive data. This advanced module is designed to streamline the safeguarding process, empowering you to create a secure environment and meet regulatory requirements.

ComplyKEY Content Compliance Software

Data privacy and regulatory compliance are critical aspects of doing business. Organizations must adhere to laws and industry standards to ensure data security, privacy, and ethical data handling. Navigating the complexities of compliance can be overwhelming. ComplyKEY Content will simplify the process. ComplyKEY Content Compliance Software consists of two modules, MailMeter and SISCIN which offer the following services:

Email Archiving and eDiscovery

Adhere to laws and industry standards ensuring data security, privacy, and ethical data handling.

Data Retention & Compliance Software

Confidently manage your data, ensure compliance, and meet industry requirements effortlessly.

Simplified Data Management

Simplified data management reporting, efficient file archiving, and seamless eDiscovery.

Regulatory Compliance Software

Adhere to laws and industry standards ensuring data security, privacy, and ethical data handling.


ComplyKEY Redaction Powered by Smartbox.ai revolutionizes your data protection efforts with unrivalled efficiency.

Dell EMC SourceOne  (S1) Alternative

Dell EMC SourceOne (S1) End of Life options. Migrate to the cloud or stay on-premises with MailMeter.

ComplyKEY Consultancy

Data Compliance Consultancy and Training

Navigating the intricate landscape of data compliance can be a daunting task. Our Data Compliance Consultancy services are designed to provide your business with a clear understanding of your data compliance needs. Our tailored approach ensures that your compliance journey is efficient, effective, and aligned with your unique business requirements.

Bridging Compliance Gaps

Every organization has unique compliance needs. Our Data Compliance Consultancy services provide you with a roadmap to enhance your data protection position and achieve seamless compliance.

ComplyKEY’s Compliance Software Modules offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to compliance management, making it easier to navigate the intricate regulatory landscape. Use ComplyKEY to stay compliant, minimize risks, and foster a culture of integrity and trust by addressing key aspects of compliance, from regulatory adherence to risk management.

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