Navigating the complex landscape of data compliance is a challenge for many organizations. Because ComplyKEY understands the intricate nature of this journey we offer tailored Data Compliance Consultancy our approach ensures efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with your unique business requirements.

Seamless Compliance – Understanding Your Business and Bridging Compliance Gaps

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs

ComplyKEY knows that organizations have distinctive compliance needs. Our Data Compliance Consultancy partnership with Evolve North provides a roadmap and the software for data protection and seamless compliance. In collaboration with Evolve North, we offer a range of consultancy services including:

Gap Analysis

Identify and address areas of non-compliance and improvement within your data protection framework.

Data Governance

Establish robust data governance practices for accountability, responsibility, and data integrity across your organization.

Policy Drafting

Develop tailored data protection policies and procedures aligned with industry standards and regulations.

Records of Processing

Streamline data processing activities with detailed and accurate records, ensuring transparency and compliance.


Navigate Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) with expert guidance.

Data Breach Management

Prepare for and respond effectively to data breaches, safeguarding your reputation and minimizing risks.

ISMS/Policy and Procedure Development

Develop a strong Information Security Management System (ISMS) and comprehensive policies aligned with industry standards.

Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support

Leverage our expertise to ensure your Data Protection Officer oversees compliance efforts effectively.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

Access the guidance of a virtual CISO to steer your organization’s data protection strategy.

Information Risk Management

Identify and mitigate risks, ensuring the security of your valuable data assets.

Compliance with UK GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018

Navigate the complex landscape of data protection regulations with expert guidance.

Cyber Essentials

Elevate your cybersecurity measures with Cyber Essentials certifications tailored to your organization’s needs.

Seamless Compliance – Why Evolve North Partners with ComplyKEY

Unparalleled Expertise

ComplyKEY’s deep expertise in data compliance and information security aligns seamlessly with Evolve North‘s core focus on Governance, Risk & Compliance, enhancing our ability to provide end-to-end solutions.

Complementary Services

ComplyKEY’s data compliance solutions complement Evolve North’s offerings, addressing complex challenges with a holistic approach to information governance and security.

Seamless Compliance – The Client-Centric Approach

Both organizations pride themselves on being trusted partners, offering a client-centric approach that resonates strongly with shared values.

Complete Information Security Partner

ComplyKEY recognizes Evolve North’s exceptional Information Governance experience and IT Security skills, providing clients with a comprehensive and robust Information Security solution.

Evolve North’s Services to achieving Seamless Compliance

Evolve North brings a diverse range of services to the table, assisting organizations in achieving their Governance, Risk & Compliance goals:

  • ISMS/Policy and Procedure Development
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) Support, including Virtual DPO
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Information Risk Management
  • Training & Awareness Programs
  • Compliance with UK GDPR & Data Protection Act 2018
  • Cyber Essentials (Basic, Plus & Assessors)
  • ISO 27001 Implementation
  • Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) Compliance
  • NIS Directive and NIST Compliance
  • PCI DSS Support, including ASV Certificate of Attestation
  • Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) Compliance
  • Third-party Due Diligence
  • Information Governance and Cyber Security Audit
  • Penetration Testing and Web Application Testing
  • Password Auditing

Together we offer a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring organizations across industries can confidently achieve seamless compliance. Our partnership is rooted in a commitment to excellence, integrity, and client-centric solutions.

Interested in learning how Evolve North and ComplyKEY can be your partners in Seamless Compliance?  Register for our webinar by clicking on the register button below.

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