As record request software automates the coun...

ComplyKEY Control allows you to ‘pause the clock’ or ‘reset the clock’, depending on the legislation of the act that you are working with.

I need to offer the public the choice to subm...

Yes, we have a multi-lingual option.  Contact a member of our team to learn more.

What do delegates see/have access to?

Delegates have access to their own dashboard. The overall information governance manager in your organization can have their own customized dashboards.

How does ComplyKEY Control Capture a request?

Through a public portal or email that enables the fast, simple, and secure creation of uniformed requests straight into ComplyKEY Control. Once you have internet access the record requests are accessible anywhere, anytime.

Is ComplyKEY Control customizable to our need...

Our expertise is on hand to customize your processes. We understand every industry and location has a variety of needs.  Our consultants work with you to customize the software to fit your processes. Your team uses invaluable sector knowledge to

Can records request management software repor...

As ComplyKEY Control is a living and breathing software, reporting insights are essential to pinpoint bottlenecks, detect emerging risks, manage staff workloads, and receive notifications of approaching deadlines. You can also manage the Self-Service via the public Disclosure Log. This

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