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Data Privacy Week: The Indispensable Role of ...

Data Privacy Week starts on Monday next, 22 January. This week’s blog explores the role of data privacy in business operations and why DPOs are indispensable in preserving trust and success. Data Protection Officers (DPOs) play a pivotal role in

2024 Data Compliance Challenges Unveiled

When working in data compliance, organizations required to safeguard sensitive data. As we enter 2024, the challenges in managing data compliance have taken center stage. In our recent webinar, Navigating Data Compliance Challenges: A Fireside Chat with Evolve North and

Complaints handling with ComplyKEY Persistent...

Complaints handling is an essential aspect of maintaining customer satisfaction and organizational integrity. While most complaints are legitimate and provide valuable insights for improvement, there is a challenging aspect of managing persistent, vexatious, and unreasonable complainants who never seem to

More than one fifth of employees are unconcerned about a data breach or ransomware attack!

More than one fifth of employees are unconcer...

Phil Muncaster recently published an article on entitled Fifth of Government Workers Donā€™t Care if Employer is Hacked. Muncaster compiled the article using data from an Ivanti poll of 800 public sector workers (USA).

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