When working in data compliance, organizations required to safeguard sensitive data. As we enter 2024, the challenges in managing data compliance have taken center stage. In our recent webinar, Navigating Data Compliance Challenges: A Fireside Chat with Evolve North and ComplyKEY, we not only addressed the key aspects of data compliance but also gauged the pulse of organizations with two crucial questions:

  1. Which data compliance challenge do you find most pressing for your organization?
  2. How confident are you in your organization’s current approach to handling SARs and ensuring data compliance?

The insights gathered from these questions supply a snapshot of the current data compliance landscape and shed light on the pressing concerns organizations face.

Understanding the Landscape:

What 2024 Data Compliance Challenges  Are Most Pressing?

As we probed the audience during our webinar, the responses painted a nuanced picture of the challenges organizations are grappling with in 2024:

Managing SARs/FOIAs

20% found this to be the most pressing challenge, highlighting the ongoing struggle to efficiently handle Subject Access Requests and Freedom of Information Act requests. This emphasizes the need for streamlined processes and effective solutions.

Our solution  Data Request Management

Ransomware Evolution

Another 20% found the evolving landscape of ransomware attacks as a pressing concern. The dynamic nature of these threats requires organizations to stay agile in their defense strategies to protect their valuable data.

Our solution: Consultancy & Training

Human Error

40% of respondents considered human error the most pressing challenge. This underscores the critical role that training and awareness play in preventing data compliance breaches, urging organizations to invest in robust educational programs for their staff.  It also underlines the ICOs advisory note to public authorities to stop using spreadsheets in FOI responses.


Our solution:  Bespoke software with automated workflows

Compliant Redaction

20% acknowledged the challenges posed by compliant redaction. As organizations handle increasingly sensitive information, finding secure and efficient techniques for redaction becomes crucial to avoid accidental data exposure.

Our solution:  Redaction powered by Smartbox.ai

Data Incident Response Plans

Interestingly, 0% found Data Incident Response Plans as a current challenge. While this might show a perceived confidence in existing plans, it is essential for organizations to continually evaluate and enhance their response strategies to stay resilient against cyber threats.

Our solution: Incident & Data Breach Management


Confidence in Handling SARs and Ensuring Data Compliance

The second question delved into the confidence levels organizations have in their current approaches:

Very Confident: 25%

Somewhat Confident:  25%

Neutral: 50%

Not Confident at All 0%

The majority of respondents, a whopping 50%, expressed a neutral stance, showing a certain level of uncertainty or a need for improvement in their current data compliance strategies. This presents an opportunity for organizations to reassess their approaches, use best practices, and explore innovative solutions to bolster their confidence in handling SARs and ensuring overall data compliance

Our solution:  Arrange A Demo

As we begin to navigate 2024 data compliance challenges, it’s clear that organizations are facing a diverse set of obstacles. The poll results and insights from our webinar underscore the need for an integrated approach, combining effective training, robust technology, and strategic partnerships.




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