Comparing SourceOne and MailMeter Making the Switch for Better Email Archiving Blog Header

Comparing SourceOne and MailMeter Making the Switch for Better Email Archiving Blog Header

Is your organization affected by the impending end-of-life for Dell EMC SourceOne? Used by many Government agencies including An Garda Siochana, Dept of Justice, Dept of Taoiseach, Defence Forces, Tusla, & most of the Local Authorities. ComplyKEY MailMeter might just be the solution you’re looking for. In this blog post, we’ll compare MailMeter with EMC SourceOne across various key functionalities to help you make an informed decision. If you prefer to see a visual comparison download the comparison as an infographic.

Email Archive access to search and produce data within the platform

When comparing SourceOne and MailMeter they both use a journaling approach to archiving emails. Technical support is included with ComplyKEY MailMeter and available at an added cost from SourceOne. MailMeter offers flexible reconfiguration for archive and software

Verdict: Both solutions have similar functionality in terms of email archive access, however, MailMeter tops SourceOne on O365 and adaptability for clients’ requirements.

Search Functionality

Both boast powerful search functionality for efficient data retrieval. Except for Complex search which is only available from MailMeter

Verdict: MailMeter is the better choice if complex searches are needed.

Administration and Reports

Similar offerings include self-service portals, reporting, users/roles, groups, Data Access Rights, Active Directory Sync, and Email Archiving.

Verdict: Unlike SourceOne, MailMeter allows retention periods & policies to be set at message level. It also has advanced security measures.


Comparing SourceOne to MailMeter? MailMeter is a clear winner here. In addition, to the option of connecting to ComplyKEY Control to automate compliance workflows, it includes message filtering for discard & non-value content, an audit trail. Unlike SourceOne message verification tampering is not hardware dependent.


Migration from SourceOne is supported by Transvault. ComplyKEY MailMeter partners with Transvault to position itself as a seamless migration choice.

Discovery and Case Management

SourceOne offering is based on active custodians. MailMeter has unlimited email discovery and active management of cases, legal holds, custodians, and exports.

Verdict: ComplyKEY MailMeter is a comprehensive solution for discovery and case management. If used with other ComplyKEY products such as ComplyKEY Control and SISCIN provides an end-to-end automated compliance platform.

Supervision and Team-Based Review

Both offer Supervision Policies, Review & Escalation Queues, Action Buttons and Shortcuts, Reviewer Cards, and Supervision Reports.

Verdict: MailMeter is a clear winner here. All the above are included as standard. unlike SourceOne where only Supervision Policies are included as standard.

Employee access to their own messages

Both products offer access via Tablet & Mobile, Interfaces, User Labels/Folders and MS Outlook Plug-in.

Verdict: If you use MS Outlook, MailMeter is the more cost-effective choice as the plug-in does not incur more costs.

Generation 3 Functionality

This is where comparing SourceOne to MailMeter makes MailMeter shine. Unlike SourceOne, MailMeter offers real-time monitoring, scheduled reviews, content alert notifications, redaction, and the ability to export to PDF or PST.

Verdict: MailMeter’s Generation 3 functionality makes it the clear winner. What really sets it apart is the option to add-on a redaction plug-in.

ComplyKEY MailMeter offers a more transparent and feature-rich email archiving solution compared to Dell EMC SourceOne. The ease of migration, advanced search capabilities, and comprehensive features make MailMeter a strong contender to replace Dell EMC SourceOne. Furthermore, its compliance capabilities make it a better option than other email archiving software on the market. To explore MailMeter further or discuss migration options, arrange a chat with the ComplyKEY team.

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