Managing regulatory compliance and data archiving can create a multitude of challenges. From legal holds to retention policies, the complexities can be daunting. Two prominent solutions, Microsoft O365 and ComplyKEY MailMeter, offer contrasting approaches to tackle these challenges. Let’s delve into a comparative analysis to understand their strengths and limitations.

Microsoft O365

Microsoft O365 is a widely adopted suite of productivity tools, including email services. It offers native compliance features, but they come with certain limitations.

  • Shared Mailbox Constraints: O365 imposes limitations on shared mailboxes, including size restrictions and licensing requirements for larger ones. Litigation hold and retention policies are not fully supported for shared mailboxes.
  • Legal Hold Delays: Placing legal holds on mailboxes in O365 can take up to 60 minutes, with query-based holds potentially taking even longer.
  • E3/E5 Licensing Dependency: Advanced compliance features in O365, such as litigation hold and advanced search, are only available with E3 or E5 licenses.
  • Retention Enforcement Challenges: Enforcing strict retention and disposition requirements can be difficult with O365, as messages are archived after a specific period, typically two years.

ComplyKEY MailMeter

ComplyKEY MailMeter offers a robust solution focused on archiving, search, and compliance with a user-friendly approach.

  • Flexible Legal Hold: MailMeter enables easy implementation of legal holds on messages using customizable “Hold” tags, ensuring preservation and compliance.
  • Real-time Export and Search: MailMeter facilitates quick and easy exports of messages in various formats without throttling. Searches are comprehensive, supporting Boolean, proximity, and fuzzy searches.
  • Comprehensive Archiving: Unlike O365, MailMeter archives all messages regardless of user licenses, ensuring compliance and integrity.
  • Immediate Litigation Holds: With MailMeter, litigation holds take effect immediately, providing protection against deletion by user or group.
  • Journaling and Integrity: MailMeter’s journaling capabilities ensure full message capture for compliance and eDiscovery purposes, maintaining the integrity of the archive.

While both Microsoft O365 and ComplyKEY MailMeter offer solutions for email compliance and archiving, they differ significantly in their approaches and capabilities. O365 provides basic compliance features but may fall short in meeting complex compliance needs and user-friendly administration. On the other hand, MailMeter prioritizes ease of use, comprehensive archiving, and immediate compliance actions, making it a compelling choice for organizations with stringent compliance requirements.

In the end, the choice between Microsoft O365 and ComplyKEY MailMeter boils down to the specific needs and priorities of the organization. Whether it’s seamless integration with existing systems or robust compliance features, careful consideration of these factors is essential in making an informed decision.


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