Complaints handling is an essential aspect of maintaining customer satisfaction and organizational integrity. While most complaints are legitimate and provide valuable insights for improvement, there is a challenging aspect of managing persistent, vexatious, and unreasonable complainants who never seem to go away. They inundate you with multiple complaints, often exaggerate their grievances, and can be relentless in their pursuit of resolution. In this blog post, we will delve into the challenges of dealing with such complainants and introduce a powerful solution – the ComplyKEY Control Persistent Complainants Register.

Complaints Handling – Understanding Persistent Complainants

To effectively address the issue of persistent complainants, it’s important first to define what they are. A persistent complainant is an individual who contacts your company via various channels, such as phone, in person, or even social media, to voice their complaint in an unreasonable or unnecessarily lengthy manner. These complainants may indeed have valid grievances, but they fail to present them appropriately. Some common characteristics of persistent or vexatious complainants include:

  • Repeated Complaints: They often complain about the same issue multiple times, either through the same outlet or across different channels.
  • Aggressive Language: They use excessively aggressive language, frequently suggesting unreasonable solutions or actions, such as ‘You need to fire your entire staff over this problem! This is unacceptable!’
  • Unjustified Complaints: They deliver complaints that may not be justified yet insist angrily or obsessively on corrective action plans and an unreasonable level of attention to their complaint.

It’s essential to note that persistent complainants are not solely defined by the legitimacy of their complaint but rather by the way they deliver it, making them a unique challenge for complaints management.

The ComplyKEY Control Persistent Complainants Register Solution

Dealing with persistent complainants can be a time-consuming and resource-draining task. To streamline this process, ComplyKEY offers a powerful solution known as the ComplyKEY Control Persistent Complainants Register.

Efficiency and Security

One of the primary benefits of this solution is the efficient handling and secure storage of data. The Persistent Complainants Register is intentionally isolated in a secure folder with controlled access. Only authorized users can access this folder, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. This security ensures that your organization can comply with data protection regulations, such as those provided by the Data Protection Commission (DPC) and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Transparent Onboarding and Review Process for Complaints Handling

The Persistent Complainants Register simplifies the onboarding, appeal, and review process for each new case or complainant. It automatically prompts for timed reviews, preventing entries from lingering indefinitely. This feature ensures that cases are regularly assessed, helping you maintain control over the management of persistent complainants.

Integration Capabilities:

ComplyKEY’s solution can seamlessly integrate with ComplyKEY Complaints and Request Management Modules. This integration enables you to identify complainants who are already listed in the register when they submit new complaints. It also shows the agreed treatment plan or designates a Single Point of Contact (SPOC). This context is invaluable for your team, allowing them to tailor their responses accordingly and manage the complainant more effectively.

DPC advice for Complaints Handling 

ICO advice for Complaint Handling 

Dealing with persistent complainants can be a formidable challenge for any organization. However, with the ComplyKEY Control Persistent Complainants Register, you can efficiently identify and manage these individuals, ensuring a fair and measured response while safeguarding sensitive information. This solution not only streamlines your complaint management process but also helps you maintain customer satisfaction and organizational integrity in the face of persistent complainants.

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