How is an archive different than a backup?

Archiving updates, the file reporting database every 5 minutes, ensuring an accurate representation of your server. It also simplifies file and folder retrieval, making it quick and straightforward.

What types of archiving policies can be set?

ComplyKEY Content archiving policies can be customized based on various criteria, including file age, size, type, owner, and more. These policies help you manage your data effectively.

What is the most common archiving policy?

Most clients implement a simple policy based on file age, combined with criteria like folders, to suit their specific needs.

How does file archiving decrease my backup wi...

File archiving reduces your backup window by offering visibility into your files, allowing you to clean up older, unnecessary files. You can also apply an ‘archive and delete’ policy for older data, reducing the amount of data to be backed

How do I backup the archive?

The product consists of two main data components: SQL Server and Archive Volumes. Standard SQL backup utilities can be used for SQL Server, while Archive Volumes only need to be backed up once after the initial full backup.

What is the ratio of files – server to arch...

The SQL server builds at a rate of 1GB per million files, and the archive volumes should be approximately half the size of your server, depending on the number of duplicate files.

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