Can I implement retention policies in MailMet...

Yes, with MailMeter, you can set up granular destruction of messages based on your retention periods and user groups or based on tags or labels attached to a message from the MailMeter Archive.

How does ComplyKEY’s MailMeter solution...

When you perform a search, the data is queried against the index file based on your search query. Only when you click on the email, the software retrieves it in an uncompressed format. This indexing method allows for swift and

How long does it take to implement ComplyKEY&...

Implementation takes just a few hours, not days. Our software is user-friendly, requires minimal training, and is straightforward to deploy, manage, and operate.

Can messages be deleted from ComplyKEY’...

End-users cannot delete messages from the archive. Administrators can set up retention policies, which can be date-based or message-specific, to meet any litigation hold requirements. Any searchable criteria, such as keywords or mailboxes, can be used to set up a

Which email platforms does ComplyKEY’s ...

ComplyKEY’s MailMeter software seamlessly integrates with major email platforms, including all versions of Microsoft Exchange (including hosted), Microsoft 365 and Gmail.

Is it possible to upload an existing archive ...

Yes, ComplyKEY offers professional services for data migration.

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