Say Goodbye to Compliance Headaches with MailMeter's Revolutionary Features Blog Header

Say Goodbye to Compliance Headaches with MailMeter's Revolutionary Features Blog Header


For IT Managers and decision-makers currently seeking an alternative to DELL EMC Source the search for efficient and reliable email archiving solutions is a top priority. Our solution? MailMeter – the innovative email compliance and advanced discovery solution that promises to revolutionize your email management.

What is MailMeter?

Much more than an email archiving solution; MailMeter Compliance advantages means that it’s equipped to handle a myriad of organizational challenges. Whether you’re aiming to preserve and retrieve email records for compliance, manage overwhelming email volumes, or unlock the business insights hidden within your email data, MailMeter has you covered. Download the SourceOne VS MailMeter comparison chart here.

What is the MailMeter Compliance Advantage?

Secure Tamperproof Searchable Archive

Safeguard your organization with a tamper-proof archive that ensures compliance and policy enforcement.

Cloud or On-Premises Options

Choose the deployment option that suits your organization’s needs – whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud, MailMeter compliance advantages are at your fingertips.

Retention Management for GDPR

Stay compliant with GDPR through MailMeter’s robust retention management capabilities.

Advanced Search, E-Discovery, and Investigations

Save time and money with MailMeter’s advanced search functionalities, making it easy to find, manage, monitor, protect, and minimize data.

Eliminate Unsecured PST Files

A distinct MailMeter compliance advantage is the end of unsecured PST files and reduced storage costs on your email server.

Real-Time Document Retrieval

Enjoy real-time access to your archived documents, helping quick and efficient retrieval.

Help in Migration

We partner with Transvault to ensure seamless migration from SourceOne.

MailMeter Benefits: A Closer Look

Investigate: MailMeter compliance gives DPO (Data Protection Officers), and legal staff an in-depth searching, tagging, and export facility across your entire mail store.

My MailMeter: Provide end-users with a secure, remote, and easy-to-use interface for searching their email archives.

Compliance: Automate searching capabilities to meet regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with GDPR, FOI, Basel II, and more.

Storage Manager: Overcome challenges associated with large mail stores, such as PSTs, quotas, and long backup times.

Retention: Protect individual messages from deletion and hold specific messages using tags.

Archive: Capture, encrypt, compress, and digitally stamp all emails in real time, creating a tamper-proof, legally compliant archive.

Legacy Mailbox: Ingest data from legacy mailboxes into the archive to optimize email licenses.

MailMeter doesn’t stop at being just a software solution, our managed service, offers:

  • Expert advice on best practices and strategies for email compliance.
  • Collaboration to set automated policies for historical and future data compliance.
  • Help in setting up clear and accurate reports tailored to your organization’s requirements.
  • Respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR) Promptly

MailMeter ensures a secure tamper-proof copy of every email, helping quick and effective responses to DSAR requests. Its advanced investigative interface simplifies the search process, providing group searching, tagging, deletion, retention, legal hold, and export capabilities.

The combination of email archiving and eDiscovery is beneficial for legal compliance, risk management, and operational efficiency, MailMeter stands as a comprehensive solution. Make the switch today to navigate legal challenges effectively while harnessing the strategic value of your archived data. MailMeter: Where Compliance Meets Innovation.

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