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As the last working week of 2023 unfolds, the ComplyKEY marketing team looks at the changes and growth we have seen this year. The most significant and noticeable change was the rebranding from Waterford Technologies to ComplyKEY. This shift wasn’t a cosmetic makeover; it signalled our evolution into a comprehensive compliance software provider, addressing the intricate needs of clients in sectors such as Government Bodies, Finance Services, Pharmaceuticals, and Housing.

The transition from Waterford Technologies to ComplyKEY symbolized a transformative shift in digital compliance and data management. With a heritage rooted in trust and excellence, we expanded our focus from email and file data management to become a complete digital compliance suite. With over 20 years in the industry, we know that regulatory compliance is not merely a checkbox but a fundamental necessity. ComplyKEY was purpose-built for clients that handle sensitive data and need a fully audited suite of compliance modules.

The compliance sector isn’t short of providers so what sets ComplyKEY Apart?

ComplyKEY is a complete compliance solution in two main platforms ComplyKey Control and ComplyKEY Content. Used together they ensure a comprehensive suite of modules and services designed to digitalize compliance and data management effortlessly. Some of the abilities that set up apart from competitors include:

  • Multi-Site and Multi-Country Compliance: ComplyKEY seamlessly extends its compliance solutions across entire organizations, adapting to specific requirements and ensuring a unified compliance solution. It is particularly beneficial for those working in multiple locations or countries.
  • Data Redaction Capability: A standout feature is the innovative data redaction technology, powered by ComplyKEY Redaction ensures secure redaction of sensitive information, aligning with compliance standards while keeping data integrity.
  • Two Decades of Expertise: The ComplyKEY brand is the result of over two decades of dedication, commitment, and innovation in data management and compliance. Originating from a focus on email and file data management, the journey has evolved into a complete digital compliance solution suite.
  • Trusted by Industry Leaders: ComplyKEY has garnered the trust of organizations of all sizes, including prominent names like The Department of Defence, The Department of the Taoiseach, The Children’s Trust, and more.

The positive feedback received from clients underscores the impact of ComplyKEY on their operations. ComplyKEY MailMeter once again awarded the prestigious Expert Insights Top Solution Award for Email Archiving in Q4 2023. This recognition underscores the outstanding capabilities of MailMeter and its pivotal role in helping effective email retention and archiving for organizations.

In a strategic move during Q4, ComplyKEY announced partnerships with and Evolve North, further enhancing its capabilities in data management and protection.

We selected these companies to be our partners because of their shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Each of our partners has a reputation for excellence in their respective industries. We are confident that together we can create truly ground breaking solutions for our clients. Partnership:, the 2023 AI Company of the Year, powers the Redaction module of ComplyKEY. This collaboration aims to deliver seamless and cost-effective solutions, ending the need for organizations to invest in and manage multiple systems.

Evolve North Partnership: Partnering with Evolve North, a leading consultancy and training services provider focused on data protection, ComplyKEY strengthens its position in supplying comprehensive support for compliance and risk management.

ComplyKEY’s journey in 2023 has been marked by growth, innovation, and strategic collaborations. As it continues to evolve, the company still is committed to delivering unparalleled data protection solutions, simplifying the complexities of compliance, and ensuring organizations can manage their data efficiently and ethically. The partnerships with and Evolve North reaffirm ComplyKEY’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving landscape of compliance and data protection. ComplyKEY is a game-changing compliance solution platform that has revolutionized the way businesses manage their regulatory obligations.

ComplyKEY streamlines compliance processes, saving time and resources for organizations across industries. ComplyKEY centralizes all compliance activities, from risk assessments to policy management. Our holistic approach only fosters efficiency.

ComplyKEY’s customizable reporting and analytics tools supply valuable insights into compliance performance and potential areas for improvement. By using data-driven decision-making capabilities, organizations can proactively address compliance challenges and make strategic business decisions based on real-time information. In today’s fast-paced business environment, having a comprehensive compliance solution like ComplyKEY is no longer a luxury but a necessity for sustainable success.

Looking forward to continuing our growth and success in 2024.

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