ComplyKEY MailMeter offers a suite of comprehensive tools and resources to help organizations navigate the complexities of data compliance. With a focus on user experience, regulatory alignment, and security, ComplyKEY empowers organizations to streamline data management processes and safeguard sensitive information effectively.

We are extremely proud of our customer feedback. We currently hold a rating of 4.7/5 on Capterra, which is one of the leading reputable review platforms available online.

Below we have highlighted just some of the kind words by our loyal customers.

Capterra Insights from Customers

Mitchell, IT Manager in Australia – “This is an easy and straightforward product to use with an intuitive interface and speedy search capability. Searching for an archived email amongst millions takes seconds.

Mike, Managing Director in the UK – “The sales and installation process was easy. Any questions I have had have been answered quickly. Product exceeded my expectations.

Sean, Project Leader, Information Systems in Ireland – “Overall experience has been very good. A huge benefit to us in managing our on-premise mailboxes and for assisting in Freedom of Information requests. Has an archive of every email sent or received by our staff for the past 15 x years. Search functionality is very good.

Niall, Infrastructure Manager in Ireland – “From an audit capture perspective, it has been very positive. Any queries are dealt with very efficiently. Peace of mind knowing that there is a record of all items that are received into the Department. Easy to find emails that have been deleted.

Colm, IT Manager in US – “10+ year MailMeter user. Ease of use and search criteria are excellent.

Robert, Head of Information Systems & Technology in Ireland – “In my 10+ years of using Mailmeter (across 3 different organisations), it has helped me to solve lots of different issues at different times. These include:

  • Data recovery where users had inadvertently deleted crucial emails
  • Data recovery where a mail store had become corrupted
  • Easily producing evidence for HR and Legal Investigations
  • Easy response to GDPR DSAR Requests.

Why Choose ComplyKEY?

Choosing ComplyKey means choosing a partner dedicated to your success. Our managed services offer not just software
implementation but a comprehensive solution tailored to your evolving needs. We ensure cost savings, scalability, rapid
deployment, and access to specialized expertise, all while maintaining clear communication and full transparency. Let us help
you drive your business forward with confidence.

  • Secure and Streamlined
    ComplyKEY ensures the safety and organisation of critical information while simplifying
    processes. You can trust us to securely share and preserve your data.
  • Tailored for Governance Teams
    Empower compliance, safeguard data, and manage risks effectively with our user-friendly
    solutions, featuring robust redaction, privacy protection, and audit-controlled workflows.
  • Complete Compliance Solution
    ComplyKEY has you covered for all your compliance needs, with modules for various
    regulations, including, RoPA, DPIA’s, SARs, FOI, Retention, Redaction, Complaints Management and more.
  • Expert Guidance
    ComplyKEY provides access to experts who understand intricate workflows, legislation,
    and best practices. Count on them for valuable guidance whenever needed.
  • Training
    Stay informed about changing data rules with ComplyKEY’s training resources. You’ll always
    be ready to handle new regulations.


Managed Service

One of the most important elements of our MailMeter solution is the peace of mind that help is there when you need it most. We are on hand to offer our assistance and to direct our clients to outside expertise when it comes to e-discovery in Office 365.

Having a managed service should be a huge factor when deciding your software supplier as compliance has become a major factor to all organizations. We are no strangers to helping clients with DSAR and FOI queries, for many years we have assisted our customers with some of the more complex aspects of these reports

MailMeter offers vital support for compliance activities like DSARs, FOI requests, and legal investigations. Many clients depend on this support, which is a key part of their service. When deciding on a compliance tool, consider whether you can manage these tasks on your own or if you need the expertise MailMeter provides.



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